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Information on the return of batteries according to §12 of the battery regulations:

To comply with the regulations on batteries, we have a duty to provide you with the following information concerning the distribution of batteries and rechargeable batteries and the supply of devices that come with these:

Batteries must not be disposed of as part of your household waste. As an end user, you have a legal duty to return used batteries. After use, you can return batteries free of charge to the place where you purchased them or to a nearby location such as a local authority collection point or shop. You can also send batteries back to us in the post.

Return address:

subtel GmbH
Mainzer Str. 3
10247 Berlin
Fax: 030 80 20 899 69

Batteries containing harmful substances bear a crossed-out wheelie bin symbol. You will find the chemical symbol for the polluting substance near this wheelie bin symbol. Cd stands for cadmium, Pb for lead and Hg for mercury.