HA-A20BAT Battery for Casio Cassiopeia IT-70, IT-700 / Casio DT-950 / DT-X5 / DT-X10 / DT-X11 MDE Barcode Scanner Battery Replacement - 1800mAh 3.6V - 3.7V Lithium Ion

HA-A20BAT Battery for Casio Cassiopeia IT-70, IT-700 / Casio DT-950 / DT-X5 / DT-X10 / DT-X11 MDE Barcode Scanner Battery Replacement - 1800mAh 3.6V - 3.7V Lithium Ion

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HA-A20BAT Battery for Casio Cassiopeia IT-70, IT-700 / Casio DT-950 / DT-X5 / DT-X10 / DT-X11 MDE Barcode Scanner Battery Replacement - 1800mAh 3.6V - 3.7V Lithium Ion HA-A20BAT Battery for Casio Cassiopeia IT-70, IT-700 / Casio DT-950 / DT-X5 / DT-X10 / DT-X11 MDE Barcode Scanner Battery Replacement - 1800mAh 3.6V - 3.7V Lithium Ion
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Cell Technology:
Lithium Ion
3.6V - 3.7V

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Bring your Casio barcode scanner back to full charge with this brand new replacement HA-A20BAT battery - a 100% compatible Casio Cassiopeia IT-70 / DT-950 / DT-X5 / DT-X10 battery replacement from subtel®.

Is your Cassiopeia IT-70 / DT-950 / DT-X5 / DT-X10 MDE scanner battery no longer holding its charge? Swap it out for a new, long-life replacement battery – it’s a simple repair to do and cheaper than buying a whole new device.  

This subtel® Lithium Ion 3.6V - 3.7V barcode scanner / MDE battery has been specifically designed for use as a Casio HA-A20BAT battery replacement, with 100% compatibility for Casio Cassiopeia IT-70 / DT-950 / DT-X5 / DT-X10 batteries and more.

Long battery life: Casio replacement battery HA-A20BAT, 1800mAh capacity

Replacement Casio battery – a perfect replacement battery for Casio Cassiopeia IT-70 / DT-950 / DT-X5 / DT-X10 barcode scanner
High capacity, long runtime – reliable power and fewer charging breaks thanks to modern Lithium cells without memory effect tech – just like your original Casio battery
100% compatible replacement for your original Casio HA-A20BAT battery  

High-quality, tested cells for Casio scanners – for up to 1000 charging cycles

High-capacity, long battery life – 1800mAh for extended use between charges
Long service life at full power – battery uses Lithium cells without memory effect, for premium performance and increased lifespan
Certified safety and quality – CE & ROHS certified, Grade A cells with short-circuit, overheating and overvoltage protection
Thorough, comprehensive testing – each battery cell is tested for optimum capacity and to ensure all safety requirements are met – all before installation

Replacement HA-A20BAT battery for your Casio Cassiopeia IT-70 / DT-950 / DT-X5 / DT-X10 scanner
subtel® Scanner & Mobile Data Terminal Replacement Battery
Capacity: 1800mAh
Voltage: 3.6V - 3.7V
Cell Technology: Lithium Ion
Alternative for / Replaces: Original HA-A20BAT battery 

3-Year Guarantee As an international specialist retailer since 2004, we know what matters when it comes to high-quality replacement barcode scanner, mobile handheld computer and MDE batteries. That's why our replacement Casio batteries come with a 36-month guarantee!

Replaces the following products

BankSys 3032610137
BankSys BSYS05006
Casio 1UF103450
Casio 20-36098-01
Casio 21-52319-01
Casio 21-56383-01
Casio 21-58236-01
Casio 6140-01-499-7364
Casio CA50601-1000
Casio DT-5023BAT
Casio DT-5024LBAT
Casio DT-5025LBAT
Casio HA-A20BAT
Casio NSN6140-01-499-7364
Chameleon CA50601-1000
Chameleon DT-5023BAT
Chameleon DT-5024LBAT
Fujitsu CA50601-1000
Fujitsu DT-5024LBAT
Motorola Symbol 21-58236-01
Motorola Symbol CA50601-1000
Motorola Symbol DT-5023BAT
Motorola Symbol DT-5024LBAT
Sokkia 20-36098-01

Fits the following devices

BankSys Xentissimo
Casio Cassiopeia IT-70 / IT-70M30E / IT-70M30RC
Casio Cassiopeia IT-700 / IT-700M30E / IT-700M30RC
Casio DT-950
Casio DT-X10 / DT-X10M10E / DT-X10M10RC2
Casio DT-X10 / DT-X10M30U / DT-X10M30URC
Casio DT-X11 / DT-X11M30U
Casio DT-X5 / DT-X5M10E / DT-X5M10R
Casio DT-X5 / DT-X5M30E / DT-X5M30R / DT-X5M30U
Chameleon RF FL3500
Chameleon RF PB1900
Chameleon RF PB2100
Fujitsu iPAD 100
Fujitsu iPAD 100-10
Fujitsu iPAD 100-10RF
Fujitsu iPAD 100-14
Fujitsu iPAD 100-14RF
Fujitsu iPAD 142
Fujitsu iPAD 142-01
Fujitsu iPAD 142-RFI
Janam XM5
Janam XM70
Janam XM70XP
Janam XP Series
Janam XP20W
Motorola Symbol PDT8100
Motorola Symbol PDT8133
Motorola Symbol PDT8134
Motorola Symbol PDT8137
Motorola Symbol PDT8140
Motorola Symbol PDT8142
Motorola Symbol PDT8146
Motorola Symbol PPT-2700
Motorola Symbol PPT-2733
Motorola Symbol PPT-2734
Motorola Symbol PPT-2740
Motorola Symbol PPT-2742
Motorola Symbol PPT-2746
Motorola Symbol PPT-2800
Motorola Symbol PPT-2833
Motorola Symbol PPT-2834
Motorola Symbol PPT-2837
Motorola Symbol PPT-2840
Motorola Symbol PPT-2842
Motorola Symbol PPT-2846
Motorola Symbol PPT-8800
Motorola Symbol PPT-8846
Motorola Symbol PPT-8866
Motorola Symbol PPT2700
Motorola Symbol PPT2700-2D
Motorola Symbol PPT2733
Motorola Symbol PPT2734
Motorola Symbol PPT2740
Motorola Symbol PPT2742
Motorola Symbol PPT2746
Motorola Symbol PPT2800
Motorola Symbol PPT2833
Motorola Symbol PPT2834
Motorola Symbol PPT2837
Motorola Symbol PPT2840
Motorola Symbol PPT2842
Motorola Symbol PPT2846
Motorola Symbol PPT8800
Motorola Symbol PPT8846
Motorola Symbol PPT8846-R3BZ00WW
Motorola Symbol PPT8866
Motorola Symbol PT1700
Motorola Symbol SPT-1700
Motorola Symbol SPT-1733
Motorola Symbol SPT-1734
Motorola Symbol SPT-1740
Motorola Symbol SPT-1742
Motorola Symbol SPT-1746
Motorola Symbol SPT-1800
Motorola Symbol SPT-1833
Motorola Symbol SPT-1834
Motorola Symbol SPT-1837
Motorola Symbol SPT-1840
Motorola Symbol SPT-1842
Motorola Symbol SPT-1846
Motorola Symbol SPT1733
Motorola Symbol SPT1734
Motorola Symbol SPT1740
Motorola Symbol SPT1742
Motorola Symbol SPT1746
Motorola Symbol SPT1800
Motorola Symbol SPT1833
Motorola Symbol SPT1834
Motorola Symbol SPT1837
Motorola Symbol SPT1840
Motorola Symbol SPT1842
Motorola Symbol SPT1846
Sokkia SDR8100
Unitech HT660 / HT660e
Unitech PA600
Unitech PA950
Unitech PA966
Unitech PA967
Unitech PA970

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