subtel® 12V / 24V Socket to Micro USB In Car Charger for ASUS ZenPad / MeMO Pad / Transformer Pad / Transformer Book (micro USB) 2A Cigarette Lighter Adapter w/ 1m Charging Cable

subtel® 12V / 24V Socket to Micro USB In Car Charger for ASUS ZenPad / MeMO Pad / Transformer Pad / Transformer Book (micro USB) 2A Cigarette Lighter Adapter w/ 1m Charging Cable
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Reliable power on the go with this fast charging USB to cigarette lighter adapter and car charger with 1m Micro USB charging cable from subtel®.

Keep your USB devices like phones, tablets, GPS and games consoles fully charged and playing music, videos, games and more while driving with this 12V / 24V car charger adapter.

100% compatible for devices, this Micro USB car charger features:

✔ Modern technology: high charging speeds and automatic switch-off safeguards
✔ Quality workmanship with a flexible, breakproof charging cable
✔ Protection against short-circuits, overheating and overvoltage
✔ Compact, portable and ergonomic design - ideal for travelling
✔ Flexible input voltage & LED charge indicator

This USB adapter also works in motorbikes, boats, lorries, camper vans and any vehicle with a cigarette lighter / 12V / 24V socket.
Input: 12V / 24V
Connector 1: Micro USB
Output Voltage Volt: 5V
Amperage / Output ampere: 2A
Power Watts: 10W
Cable length: 1m

3 Year Guarantee
subtel® USB adapters and charging cables stand for high-quality and certified standards – that’s why they come with a 3-year guarantee!

Fits the following devices

ASUS Nexus 7 (2012)

Nexus 7 (2013)

ASUS Nexus 7 Wifi (K008)
Nexus 7 LTE (K009)

ASUS Fonepad ME371MG (K004)
Fonepad ME371MG-1B038A
ASUS Fonepad ME371MG-1B083A
ASUS Fonepad ME371MG-1I036A
ASUS Fonepad ME371MG-1I071A

ASUS Fonepad FE375CG (K019)

ASUS Fonepad FE375CG-1A009A

Fonepad FE375CXG (K019)
Fonepad FE375CXG-1B007A
ASUS Fonepad FE375CXG-1G004A

ASUS Fonepad Note 6 ME560CG (K00G)
ASUS Fonepad Note 6 ME560CG-1A036A
ASUS Fonepad Note 6 ME560CG-1B035A

ASUS Fonepad 7 ME372CG (K00E)
Fonepad 7 ME372CG-1A056A
Fonepad 7 ME372CG-1B057A

ASUS Fonepad 7 ME372CL (K00Y)
ASUS Fonepad 7 ME372CL-1Y013A
ASUS Fonepad 7 ME372CL-1B020A
ASUS Fonepad 7 ME372CL-1C015A

ASUS Fonepad 7 Dual ME175CG (K00Z)
ASUS Fonepad 7 Dual ME175CG-1B021A
ASUS Fonepad 7 Dual ME175CG-1B026A

ASUS Fonepad 8 FE380CG (K018)

ASUS Fonepad 8 FE380CXG (K018)

ASUS MeMO Pad ME172V (K0W)

ASUS MeMO Pad 7 ME176C (K013)
MeMO Pad 7 ME176C-1D019A
MeMO Pad 7 ME176C-1B022A

ASUS MeMO Pad 7 ME572C (K007)
MeMO Pad 7 ME572C-1A018A
MeMO Pad 7 ME572C-1C014A
MeMO Pad 7 ME572C-1G015A

ASUS MeMO Pad 7 ME572CL (K00R)
MeMO Pad 7 ME572CL-1A020A
MeMO Pad 7 ME572CL-1C016A
MeMO Pad 7 ME572CL-1G019A

ASUS MeMO Pad HD 7 ME173X (K00B)
ASUS MeMO Pad HD 7 ME173X-1A011A
ASUS MeMO Pad HD 7 ME173X-1B060A
ASUS MeMO Pad HD 7 ME173X-1F008A
ASUS MeMO Pad HD 7 ME173X-1F050A
ASUS MeMO Pad HD 7 ME173X-1G002A
ASUS MeMO Pad HD 7 ME173X-1O008A
ASUS MeMO Pad HD 7 ME173X-1O052A

ASUS MeMO Pad 8 ME180A (K00L)
MeMO Pad 8 ME180A-1A016A
MeMO Pad 8 ME180A-1B015A

ASUS MeMO Pad 8 ME180A (K00L)
MeMO Pad 8 ME180A-1A016A
MeMO Pad 8 ME180A-1B015A

ASUS MeMO Pad 8 ME581C (K01H)
MeMO Pad 8 ME581C-1B001A
MeMO Pad 8 ME581C-1D001A
MeMO Pad 8 ME581C-1I001A

ASUS MeMO Pad 8 ME581CL (K015)
MeMO Pad 8 ME581CL-1B027A
MeMO Pad 8 ME581CL-1D027A
MeMO Pad 8 ME581CL-1D024A

MeMO Pad 10 ME102A (K00F)
ASUS MeMO Pad 10 ME102A-1B028A
ASUS MeMO Pad 10 ME102A-1F027A
ASUS MeMO Pad 10 ME102A-1A018A
ASUS MeMO Pad 10 ME102A-1A030A

ASUS MeMO Pad 10 ME103K (K01E)
ASUS MeMO Pad 10 ME103K-1B008A
ASUS MeMO Pad 10 ME103K-6A005A
ASUS MeMO Pad 10 ME103K-1A007A

ASUS MeMO Pad FHD 10 ME302C (K00A)
ASUS MeMO Pad FHD 10 ME302C-1A012A
ASUS MeMO Pad FHD 10 ME302C-1B052A
ASUS MeMO Pad FHD 10 ME302C-1G003A

ASUS MeMO Pad FHD 10 ME302KL (K005)
ASUS MeMO Pad FHD 10 ME302KL-1A006A
ASUS MeMO Pad FHD 10 ME302KL-1A041A
ASUS MeMO Pad FHD 10 ME302KL-1B008A
ASUS MeMO Pad FHD 10 ME302KL-1B047A

ASUS MeMO Pad Smart ME301T (K001)
ASUS MeMO Pad Smart ME301T-1A024A
ASUS MeMO Pad Smart ME301T-1B023A

ASUS Padfone 2 Tablet A68

ASUS Pro7 Entertainment Pad ME181CX (K011)
ASUS Pro7 Entertainment Pad ME181CX-1A035A
ASUS Pro7 Entertainment Pad ME181CX-1B036A
ASUS MeMO Pad 8 ME181CX-1A035A
MeMO Pad 8 ME181CX-1B036A

ASUS Transformer Book T100 (T100T, T100TA, H100T, R104T)
ASUS Transformer Book T100TA-DK002H
ASUS Transformer Book T100TA-DK003H
ASUS Transformer Book T100TA-DK003P
ASUS Transformer Book T100TA-DK005H
ASUS Transformer Book T100TA-DK005PA
ASUS Transformer Book T100TA-DK007H
ASUS Transformer Book T100TA-DK007P
ASUS Transformer Book T100TA-DK007PA
ASUS Transformer Book T100TA-DK023H
ASUS Transformer Book T100TA-DK024H
ASUS Transformer Book T100TA-DK025H
ASUS Transformer Book T100TA-DK026H
ASUS Transformer Book T100TA-DK046H
ASUS Transformer Book T100TA-DK047H
ASUS Transformer Book T100TA-DK048H
ASUS Transformer Book T100TA-DK050H
ASUS Transformer Book T100TA-DK051H
ASUS Transformer Book T100TA-DK052H
ASUS Transformer Book T100TA-DK053H

ASUS Transformer Book T100TAL LTE (T100TAL, H100TAL, R104TAL)
ASUS Transformer Book T100TAL-DK008P
ASUS Transformer Book T100TAL-DK021P
ASUS Transformer Book T100TAL-DK035B

ASUS Transformer Book T100TAF Wifi (T100TAF, H100TAF, R104TAF)
ASUS Transformer Book T100TAF-DK001B
ASUS Transformer Book T100TAF-DK024B
ASUS Transformer Book T100TAF-DK036P
ASUS Transformer Book T100TAF-BING-DK008B
ASUS Transformer Book T100TAF-BING-DK024B

ASUS Transformer Book Trio TX201LA (TX201L)
ASUS Transformer Book Trio TX201LA-CQ012H
ASUS Transformer Book Trio TX201LA-CQ013H
ASUS Transformer Book Trio TX201LA-CQ004H

ASUS Transformer Pad TF103C (K010)
ASUS Transformer Pad TF103C-1A028A
Transformer Pad TF103C-1A029A
ASUS Transformer Pad TF103C-1B029A
ASUS Transformer Pad TF103C-1B030A

ASUS Transformer Pad TF103CG (K018)
Transformer Pad TF103CG-1A032A
ASUS Transformer Pad TF103CG-1B024A
ASUS Transformer Pad TF103CG-1B025A

ASUS Transformer Pad TF303CL (K014)
ASUS Transformer Pad TF303CL-1D023A
ASUS Transformer Pad TF303CL-1D024A
ASUS Transformer Pad TF303CL-1G019A
ASUS Transformer Pad TF303CL-1G020A

ASUS Transformer Pad TF303K (K01B)
ASUS Transformer Pad TF303K-1D020A
ASUS Transformer Pad TF303K-1D021A
ASUS Transformer Pad TF303K-1B021A
ASUS Transformer Pad TF303K-1B022A

ASUS VivoTab Note 8 (M80T,L80T,R80T)
ASUS VivoTab Note 8 M80TA-DL001H
ASUS VivoTab Note 8 M80TA-DL004P
ASUS VivoTab Note 8 M80TA-DL004H
ASUS VivoTab Note 8 M80TA-DL006H

Asus VivoTab Smart ME400C (K0X)
Asus VivoTab Smart ME400C-1A011W
Asus VivoTab Smart ME400C-1A012W
Asus VivoTab Smart ME400C-1A013W
Asus VivoTab Smart ME400C-1A015W
Asus VivoTab Smart ME400C-1A016W
Asus VivoTab Smart ME400C-1A018W
Asus VivoTab Smart ME400C-1A020W
Asus VivoTab Smart ME400C-1A021W
Asus VivoTab Smart ME400C-1A023W
Asus VivoTab Smart ME400C-1A024W
Asus VivoTab Smart ME400C-1A025W
Asus VivoTab Smart ME400C-1A026W
Asus VivoTab Smart ME400C-1A032W
Asus VivoTab Smart ME400C-1A036W
Asus VivoTab Smart ME400C-1A037W
Asus VivoTab Smart ME400C-1A038W
Asus VivoTab Smart ME400C-1A039W
Asus VivoTab Smart ME400C-1A042W
Asus VivoTab Smart ME400C-1A043W
Asus VivoTab Smart ME400C-1A045W
Asus VivoTab Smart ME400C-1A049W
Asus VivoTab Smart ME400C-1A051W
Asus VivoTab Smart ME400C-1A053W
Asus VivoTab Smart ME400C-1A061W
Asus VivoTab Smart ME400C-1A063W
Asus VivoTab Smart ME400C-1A065W
Asus VivoTab Smart ME400C-1A066W
Asus VivoTab Smart ME400C-1A067W
Asus VivoTab Smart ME400C-1A071W
Asus VivoTab Smart ME400C-1A072W
Asus VivoTab Smart ME400C-1A073W
Asus VivoTab Smart ME400C-1A077W
Asus VivoTab Smart ME400C-1B013W
Asus VivoTab Smart ME400C-1B016W
Asus VivoTab Smart ME400C-1B017W
Asus VivoTab Smart ME400C-1B020W
Asus VivoTab Smart ME400C-1B022W
Asus VivoTab Smart ME400C-1B023W
Asus VivoTab Smart ME400C-1B024W
Asus VivoTab Smart ME400C-1B026W
Asus VivoTab Smart ME400C-1B035W
Asus VivoTab Smart ME400C-1B038W
Asus VivoTab Smart ME400C-1B039W
Asus VivoTab Smart ME400C-1B040W
Asus VivoTab Smart ME400C-1B043W
Asus VivoTab Smart ME400C-1B045W
Asus VivoTab Smart ME400C-1B060W
Asus VivoTab Smart ME400C-1B063W
Asus VivoTab Smart ME400C-1B072W
Asus VivoTab Smart ME400C-1B074W
Asus VivoTab Smart ME400C-1B076W
Asus VivoTab Smart ME400C-1B080W
Asus VivoTab Smart ME400C-1B082W
Asus VivoTab Smart ME400C-1B086W
Asus VivoTab Smart ME400C-1B087W
Asus VivoTab Smart ME400C-1B090W
Asus VivoTab Smart ME400C-1B091W
Asus VivoTab Smart ME400C-1B095W

Asus VivoTab Smart ME400CL (K0Y)
Asus VivoTab Smart ME400CL-1A004W
Asus VivoTab Smart ME400CL-1A007W
Asus VivoTab Smart ME400CL-1A009W
Asus VivoTab Smart ME400CL-1A011W
Asus VivoTab Smart ME400CL-1A013W
Asus VivoTab Smart ME400CL-1A014W
Asus VivoTab Smart ME400CL-1A016W
Asus VivoTab Smart ME400CL-1A020W
Asus VivoTab Smart ME400CL-1A024W
Asus VivoTab Smart ME400CL-1A053W
Asus VivoTab Smart ME400CL-1A057W
Asus VivoTab Smart ME400CL-1A059W
Asus VivoTab Smart ME400CL-1A067W
Asus VivoTab Smart ME400CL-1A070W
Asus VivoTab Smart ME400CL-1A071W
Asus VivoTab Smart ME400CL-1A072W
Asus VivoTab Smart ME400CL-1B006W
Asus VivoTab Smart ME400CL-1B008W
Asus VivoTab Smart ME400CL-1B009W
Asus VivoTab Smart ME400CL-1B010W
Asus VivoTab Smart ME400CL-1B011W
Asus VivoTab Smart ME400CL-1B012W
Asus VivoTab Smart ME400CL-1B014W
Asus VivoTab Smart ME400CL-1B015W
Asus VivoTab Smart ME400CL-1B018W
Asus VivoTab Smart ME400CL-1B022W
Asus VivoTab Smart ME400CL-1B028W
Asus VivoTab Smart ME400CL-1B059W
Asus VivoTab Smart ME400CL-1B064W
Asus VivoTab Smart ME400CL-1B065W
Asus VivoTab Smart ME400CL-1B071W
Asus VivoTab Smart ME400CL-1B075W
Asus VivoTab Smart ME400CL-1B076W
Asus VivoTab Smart ME400CL-1B082W
Asus VivoTab Smart ME400CL-1B084W
Asus VivoTab Smart ME400CL-1B085W

ASUS ZenPad 7.0
ASUS ZenPad 7.0 - Z370C

ASUS ZenPad C 7.0
ZenPad C 7.0 - Z170CG

ASUS ZenPad 8.0
ASUS ZenPad 8.0 - Z380C
ASUS ZenPad 8.0 - Z380KL

ASUS ZenPad 10
ASUS ZenPad 10 - Z300C
ZenPad 10 - Z300CG
ASUS ZenPad 10 - Z300CL

Nexus 7
Google/HTC Nexus 9
Google Nexus 10
HTC Flyer

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